A glass pipe is a perfect smoking piece!

That is known amongst the classy smokers for its lightweight, strength, easy maintenance and excellent quality. However, just before you buy your glass pipe; it’s prudent that you select the type/variant (hand-blown, faceted ones or those spun on glass lathes) that best suits your smoking needs. This is because the essence of smoking is to enjoy the aroma and flavor of the tobacco, marijuana or any other herb. In fact, that’s the only way to make your smoking experience a heaven on earth.

Most times, when smokers are looking for a smoking pipe, they come across several smoking accessories out of which the glass pipes are considered as the best option. These glass items are popular for some reasons and here are some merits and demerits of using glass pipes to serve as a buying guide:

The Merits of Glass Pipes

  1. They’re comfortable and safe to use: Since glass pipes don’t heat up like those made of metal, users can have a more soothing smoking experience with glass pipes. Asides that, they’re also easy to clean and has no thriving space for germs. That makes you be more enthusiastic about your hobby.
  2. It has a wonderful attribute: Besides their artistic designs, most smokers assume that glass pipes become more attractive as they get older. Since they’re transparent, they get smokier after regular use. This consequently alters the colors of the glass thereby providing the “attribute” that most smokers cherish to see in their pipes.
  3. The unique taste: This merit depends to a larger extent on who uses the smoking pipe and to a lesser degree the shape (Chillums, Spoons, Steamrollers, Sherlock/Gandalf pipes, and Bubblers). Some stoners affirm that the popularity of these glass pipes is because of the pure taste they create. However, for devoted glass pipe smokers, using pipes made of glass is like the difference between getting a big throat hit from an assorted e-juice instead of an ordinary one.

The Demerits of Glass Pipes

  1. They are expensive: It’s not a practical option for those that are on a tight budget.
  2. They are breakable: Although the annealing of glass that’s used for pipe construction strengthens the glass to a considerable extent, they’re still fragile.
  3. Broken parts are irreplaceable: Once your glass pipe breaks, you have to buy a new one.
  4. Some are harder to clean: Since glass pipes cannot be disassembled like metal pipes, some designs can make them difficult to clean.

For those who want to stand out from the crowd, the glass pipe is a classic selection that rivals other smoking pipes. 


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