Numerous benefits of hemp-derived products have been witnessed in the recent years. For many years, the use of cannabis was not legal in many states of the US. With the efforts by the advocates of CBD, it is legalized in all the 50 states. There is still a need for more research regarding the benefits of CBD. CBD is known for treating many disorders including diabetes, autism, insomnia, and cancer. The non-toxic and anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD make it a popular choice for getting rid of several health conditions. The hemp-derived CBD products are famous because it is not psychoactive. This means that the user cannot get high. The Hemp-based products have plenty of neuroprotective and therapeutic benefits. The POTN uses the imported hemp plants to extract the hemp. In this article, we have discussed how investing marijuana stocks of the PotNetwork can prove to be profitable for you.

Here is everything you need to know about the company.

PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS: POTN), is a top name in the CBD industry that offers a broad range of hemp-derived products. Its expansion strategies are expected to take the company to new heights. It is anticipated that company the growth rate will be nearly 53% in the coming years.

PotNetwork Subsidiaries

PotNetwork (POTN) is a holding company that owns both Diamond CBD and First Venture Capital. The First Venture Capital was established for the research and development of hemp-based products. On the other hand, Diamond CBD offers an extensive collection of hemp-derived products includes CBD oil, supplements for pets, vaporizers, and many edibles. The hemp-derived CBD is a section of the huge legal hemp and cannabis industry that has expanded rapidly.

POTN has formed an Advisory Board that consists of FDA-seasoned scientists and famous physicians. The new Chief Executive Officer, a notable physician has comprehensive knowledge of the use of CBD for medical purposes. This will help the company to produce products that offer a maximum reward for the users.

Increase in Revenue

In the previous year, the revenue of the Diamond CBD in the third quarter, increased immensely, approximately there was an increase of 29%. According to the company, in October the company was able to generate $1.6 million while in November the revenue surpassed $1.6 million. The products of the company became famous in among the media and celebrities. This is the reasons for the increased demand for its products.

CBD industry has expanded because of its numerous benefits. POTN is a leading name in the hemp industry because of its premium quality and a broad assortment of products. It is anticipated that the company will reach $1.8 billion by 2020. Among this, the $450 million is expected to be from hemp-based CBD products.

The company was expected to raise $8 million in the year 2017. At the end of the year, the company has completed its target and its revenue was more than expectations. This has led POTN to break previous records.

Marijuana stocks of the company is a great opportunity for an investment. The company is aiming to raise the prices of its shares to $0.25.

Wide Range of Audience

The Diamond CBD has displayed its products on several conventions and trade shows. This has helped increase the popularity of the company and its products. It has also boosted the brand recognition of the CDB products. More than 10,000 stores are promoting the products by PotNetwork.

The company can take advantage of the Surf Expo in Florida that has opened up new opportunities for POTN. In the CHAMPS Show held in Las Vegas, the company was able to sell hemp-based CBD products generating nearly $230,000 purchase order. Furthermore, the name was able to sell its products globally. The ASD Market Week provided a unique opportunity to the company for targeting an international audience. This was a huge opportunity for PotNetwork as they were able to display their products to 45,000 buyers from over 88 countries. Moreover, the company showcased their products at the Big Industry Trade Show in New York. Diamond CBD was able to generate sales of $200,000 in 2 days.

Product Line

The most- renowned product of Diamond CBD is Chill Gummies, these are candies that are infused with a wide range of flavors. PotNetwork launched a new product with a collaboration of Lawrence Taylor, LT Pain Master Premium Line of CBD oils.

Another product line they are offering is Chong’s Choice CBD. The goods are produced in partnership with Tommy Chong, a marijuana legalization advocate, and legend. This line contains CBD-infused edibles, hemp oil tincture drops, and solvent-free vaping additives.

The POTN is a aiming to expand its reach in the global market by introducing its products in several countries including Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, China, and Chile. The Diamond CBD product will be attractive to the Chinese consumers because of the CBD oils various benefits. The Chinese are popular for taking up natural and homeopathic solutions for health conditions. The sales of the previous year were outstanding; it showed that users are interested in premium quality products. Currently, the POTN is working on various products that will be tested before sending to the market.

Still, there are numerous challenges that are yet to overcome, but the PotNetwork is considered as the top name in the revolution of CBD.  The company has a solid footing in the CBD industry that is aiming to reach new milestones this year.

Overall, with the legalization of cannabis, the use of CBD products have increased and opened markets for the various companies. The PotNetwork has produced new times that provide benefits to various users. The reach of the company is not limited to the US only; it has users all over the world. Their cannabis stocks provide a great opportunity for you to invest and gain higher returns. It is expected the company will reach $1.8 billion by the year 2020. They are working on new products that will revolutionize the CBD industry, making it a great time for investment.

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