Drug tests are part and parcel of the job interview process. Sportspersons also must go through a thorough drug test before a tournament. There are sometimes drug tests in schools. And obviously, to get a driving license or a passport/visa too, you will have to pass a drug test. Whether or not, cannabis will be traced in your blood stream depends on how often and how much you intake it. For regular users, cannabinoids might be traced in the bloodstream even if they have last used it a month ago. For frequent users, the test might find traces of drug use for up to fifteen days and for one-time users, the drug remains in the body for a maximum one to two days. An extensive drug test includes a hair test, saliva test and most importantly urine test. If you have to take cannabis for medical purposes, but you want a job desperately and want to be clean for your drug tests, you may follow these steps to cleanse yourself of cannabis.

How to Escape Urine Test

The plan is to drink a lot of water so that the cannabinoids is drained out of your body. But it also makes your urine diluted. But, your diluted urine might raise suspicion that you have cheated to pass the test. Therefore, you need to be smart about it. First, find a diuretic, such as a cranberry juice or grape juice and drink lots of it so that your urine becomes diluted. During the last twenty four hours before the test, try to consume about a gallon of diuretic. It will completely dilute your urine but it might discolor it. To get the yellow color back, you can pop in multivitamin tablets. Start intaking the tablets about three to five days before the test, and you will be good to go.

Regular exercising and sweating also lets out the cannabis metabolites from your body and decreases the number of cannabinoids in your urine.

How to Escape Saliva Test

Saliva test and mouth swab tests are comparatively easier to get away with. If you clean your mouth after intaking cannabis and gurgle properly with a mouthwash, it should not come up in the test results.

How to Escape Hair Test

Your hair follicle test might show about past seven days of cannabis intake record. There are many herbal shampoos that promise to clean off the cannabinoids from your hair. Some people use rosemary herbs, vinegar, baking soda, lemon to wash off cannabis residuals. If you need immediate results, shaving off your hair or cropping it short after shampooing will help.

It is best to use natural processes to detoxify your body from cannabis usage. There are many herbal products that guarantee an instant cleansing, but it might be risky to trust the products you know nothing about. Some people use urine substitutes to escape the test, but not only is it illegal but also it might end your career forever. Therefore, use the natural processes for the best results.


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