History of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD oil benefits are not unknown. However, with so many articles being written on CBD and many different research work being done, it is being assumed that CBD oil is a new discovery as a consumable. It is true to some extent because CBD extraction and packaging methods have started recently but the use of CBD goes back farther than you expect. In order to get into the detailed history of CBD oil, it is important for those who don’t know, know what is CBD.

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol is one of the 85 different chemicals found in the cannabis plant. CBD Oil is free from any psychoactive effects, unlike THC that is known for getting you high. THC is a psychoactive and intoxicating compound derived from the cannabis plants while CBD is also derived from the same plant having other health benefits.

The roots of CBD extend back to thousands of years and some researchers believe it relates to the end of the first ice age. Archaeologists have found that Cannabis Sativa is most likely the first agricultural crops planted by the early man. Growing Cannabis Sativa is something we assume to be modern, however, it is somehow related to the birth of agriculture thousands of years ago. Cannabis plants with seeds and CBD oil were used for food in China in 6,000 BC. There is also a clear evidence found that cannabis compounds traded to other parts of the world and they were used for different purposes.

It is also to be mentioned here that Greek scientists have used cannabis in the past to heal different sort of diseases. Even Chinese developed antibiotics from cannabis in the past thousands of years ago. Today, consumers are more interested in the healthy properties of cannabis and CBD, in particular. CBD oil, as mentioned above, possess many health benefits. There are many different suppliers offering CBD oil for sale. CBD oil is refined in a way that the properties of CBD compound are preserved in their original form. CBD helps our body function in the proper way. It also fights germs and other bacteria causing different diseases.

CBD oil offers many health benefits to stomach, heart, eyes, brain, and the body. One of the groundbreaking discoveries about CBD is that it slows down the growth of cancer cells and also helps in complete eradication of this fatal disease.

After the legalization of cannabis in the different states of the USA, awareness programs are being arranged to help people know about the countless benefits of CBD. It can be consumed in shape of capsules or CBD Oil. However, it is most effective in the oil form. In order to get the benefits of CBD oil, make sure that you consume it in the right amount after consultation with a doctor.


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