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With the legalization of marijuana across the different states of the United States of America, other countries have also initiated the legalization process. It is not just a great news for the smokers of pot but for patients as well who are ill with diseases that can be cured with marijuana. To celebrate this cause, Dank Shirts are offering weed themed t-shirts that are nice to wear and have great designs as well.


Made with the top quality of fabric, these weed themed t-shirts are ideal for marijuana enthusiasts. The shirts are made with cotton and can be machine washed as well. The stitching of these shirts is also done by the professionals that give them a classy look.

Extensive Range of Designs

All these weed shirts are available in different designs and colors. You can choose from a different variety of shirts that meet your taste and style. No matter what your age or gender is, Dank Shirts has something for everyone. The feel-less printing makes these shirts long lasting.

Affordable Prices

All the shirts offered by Dank Shirts are available at very affordable prices. You can get these shirts for as low as $24. The manufacturers also offer free shipping on all orders above $40 so you can easily order them and get them delivered right at your doorstep.

Screen Printing

Besides the cotton shirts, there is also a big variety of screen printed shirts offered by manufacturers of around the world. All the shirts are made by the top brands in the world with a complete guarantee of quality. If by some reason, you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact us and we will try to accommodate you with our best efforts.

Numerous Sizes Available

There are numerous sizes available at Dank Shirts and no matter what size you are, you can find at Dank Shirts. Before buying the shirt, get the complete description of the size with the size chart available on the website so that you can avoid any sort of inconvenience.

All the t-shirts available at Dank Shirts are exclusively offered and designed by independent artists from around the world. You cannot find such designs anywhere else at these low prices. If you want to have your own design printed, currently you cannot get this facility. However, you can submit your 100% authentic design and if we, at Dank Shirts, like your idea, we will include it in our list and send you a free t-shirt of your design. Don’t wait, order your favorite shirts now and get them at your doorstep. Please note, if you are ordering from outside the United States of America, it may take up to 20 days for your product to arrive.

Ways to Celebrate Marijuana Legalization

Pot smokers, as well as the general public at large, have widely supported the idea of legalization of marijuana in the United States. Some celebrities also have spoken in the favor of this cause and finally the legalization process in full swing in the country. It is the right time to celebrate this cause and you can do this by many different ways. Here we will discuss some of the coolest ways to celebrate the legalization of marijuana.

Dance Your Heart Out

Even if you are a bad dancer, there is no point feeling shy and putting yourself in the backseat. This is the time to get high on marijuana and dance as much as you can. It will also eliminate your shyness and you will feel more confident. It is all about embracing laughs and love and dancing is a great way to do that.

Find Unique Ideas to Smoke

Forget those traditional ideas of smoking marijuana, find some really cool ideas to smoke marijuana and enjoy your time with your partners in crime. You can party outdoors and if you are not comfortable with that, make your own ideas at home where you can smoke marijuana.

Wear Marijuana Themed T-shirts

If you want to show your happiness and festivities to the other people, you can wear marijuana t-shirts. Dank Shirts take pride in offering the best range of marijuana themed t-shirts and that too at very affordable prices. There are tons of designs and colors available at Dank Shirts so you can get one that appeals you the most. If you want to celebrate in groups, you can get shirts for your pals and form your own marijuana community.

Some of the best features of Marijuana Themed T-shirts offered by Dank Shirts are:

  • Best Quality – All the shirts are made with the best quality of the fabric. These shirts are of export quality and can last a long time.
  • Machine Washable ­– Unlike other shirts, the marijuana themed t-shirts offered by Dank Shirts can be machine washed as well. The designs of these shirts will not fade at all and you can continue to wear them for multiple times.
  • Affordable Prices – All the shirts have very affordable prices. You can get them for as low as $24.20.

These are top three ideas to celebrate the marijuana legalization. You can combine all the three ideas together as well and show it to the world what the real marijuana celebrations are like. It is all about how you enjoy your time but if you wear the t-shirts, you show it to the world that you are a supporter of the legalization process and that means a lot.



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