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autoflowering seeds

What are autoflowering seeds?

  What are autoflowering seeds? Autoflowering seeds are hybrid varieties of the cannabis plant genus. In this genus, there is cannabis sativa(c. sativa), cannabis indica(c. indica), and cannabis ruderalis(c. ruderalis). Cannabis sativa: photoperiod plant Cannabis indica:...
feminized seeds

What are Feminized Seeds?

What are Feminized Seeds? (Before you buy) Feminized seeds are the best selling cannabis seeds online. Droves of medical and recreational marijuana growers are cultivating their own plants from feminized seeds. But what are they all...
regular seeds marijuana blog cannabis grow

Guide to Regular Seeds

Buyer’s Review Guide to Regular Seeds Read our buyer’s guide to the best regular cannabis seeds for sale online. There are many factors in choosing the best regular seeds, and care should be taken to...
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Auto flowering Marijuana seeds

Auto flowering Marijuana seeds Marijuana is a grayish-green mixture of the dried, shredded leaves, flowers and seeds of cannabis sativa, the hemp plant. THC is the main active ingredient in marijuana. Cannabis has been used...
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