Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cannabis Job Fair Part of Effort to Hire Thousands Ahead of Legalization

Growing industry seeks talent at job fair presented by the National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education. On Thursday morning, Marco Cacchione put on a black button-up shirt, combed his hair, and walked down...

Why Medical Marijuana Research Is Gaining Support From the GOP

Members of Congress from across the political spectrum are pushing for pot research – but can they change Jeff Sessions' mind? Some Utah residents are working overtime to get medical marijuana on the state’s...

Smoked Pot? Canadians Should ‘Be Honest and Tell the Truth’ at U.S. Border

The parliamentary secretary to Canada’s Minister of Public Safety says Canadians who have used marijuana legally at home should “be honest and tell the truth” when they show up at the U.S. border next...

77-Year-Old Sentenced to 10 Years for Growing Marijuana

Two plainclothes detectives were driving a white unmarked pickup truck through a heavily forested road in Polk County on an overcast day in March 2012. A woman had called the sheriff's office in December....

Marijuana Prevents People From Doing Hard Drugs, Claims Study

Cannabis might still be illegal in the UK, but new research has found that the leafy substance might not be the vilified "gateway drug" it’s widely thought to be. In fact, in might be...

A Gram Of Legal Cannabis In Ontario Will Likely Cost $10, According To Reports

A gram of legal cannabis in Ontario is likely to cost you around $10, according to CBC News. Until now, the Ontario government has remained tight-lipped about cannabis pricing, anticipated product demand or potential...

25 Dispensaries with Fantastic Cannabis Prices and Deals

We analyzed our numerous user reviews to find dispensaries that offer some of the best cannabis bargains on the market. Find the best deals near you! The post 25 Dispensaries with Fantastic Cannabis Prices and...

Iceland Gets Cooler with Proposal to Legalize Cannabis

Pawel Bartozek, a Reform Party MP, has put forth a bill in Parliament that would establish a marketplace for recreational cannabis. The post Iceland Gets Cooler with Proposal to Legalize Cannabis appeared first on Leafly.

‘It’s a Natural Substance’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

The first day of fall is upon us, but although the seasons are changing, Jeff Sessions’ opinion of cannabis hasn’t. We hear from him, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more from the past week. The post ‘It’s...

Leaf Forward Hopes to Be Canada’s First Cannabis-Biz Accelerator

At the premiere Leaf Forward event, fledgling cannabis entrepreneurs pitched their wares, then went one-on-one with cannabis-biz mentors. The post Leaf Forward Hopes to Be Canada’s First Cannabis-Biz Accelerator appeared first on Leafly.
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