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Activist Patients take Out-of-Touch Attorney General to Court

CANNABIS CULTURE- The obsolete policies of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions are destined for a date before the courts. This time, Sessions is being taken to court by an array of activist patients, now...

Legalization Looms Large at Toronto NORML Conference

The conference couldn’t have come at a better–and more tense—time. The post Legalization Looms Large at Toronto NORML Conference appeared first on Leafly.
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The Ontario Proposition: Details and Feedback from the Scene

To come up with its new policy, Ontario looked at the US states that have legalized cannabis, to establish a “safe and sensible framework.” The post The Ontario Proposition: Details and Feedback from the...

The Official Guide to Being a Good Weed Citizen

From proper dosing to odor control to public-consumption boundaries, our guide to life out of the cannabis closet. Like it or not, using cannabis in 2017 is a political statement. Gone are the days...

Nevada Legalization Is Changing the Las Vegas Scene. Could Consumption Lounges Be Next?

Las Vegas has become a new tourist mecca for the cannabis-curious, but visitors don't have a public place to enjoy their legal purchases. Are consumption lounges inevitable? The post Nevada Legalization Is Changing the Las...

The 100 Cannabis Strains You Must Try Before You Die

There are some strains that everyone should try. Just like everyone should read the best classic novels, every cannabis consumer should try these 100 strains in their lifetime. The post The 100 Cannabis Strains You...

4 Reasons Weed is Medically Awesome for People Over 45

You’re never too old for weed — at least, that’s according to a new study that shows seniors are the fastest growing marijuana consumers. Published by researchers from the New York University School of...

Netflix is Developing Strains of Weed Based on 10 of its Original Series

In a 21st-century analogue to the early 20th century practice of movie studios buying up movie theaters so they could profit from every facet of the moviegoing experience, Netflix is developing strains of cannabis...

How Cannabis Can Cure the Opioid Crisis

CANNABIS CULTURE- America is experiencing the worst drug crisis in American history. Overdoses from heroin and other opioids are killing more than 28 thousand people a year, and the death toll is on the...

Maine Insurer Says It Shouldn’t Have to Pay for Medical Marijuana

The Maine supreme court is wading into the issue of medical marijuana and workers' compensation. The post Maine Insurer Says It Shouldn’t Have to Pay for Medical Marijuana appeared first on Leafly.
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