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Former B.C. Health Minister Joins Burgeoning Medical Marijuana Industry

Terry Lake hired by company that produces medical marijuana, other pot products. B.C.'s former Liberal health minister Terry Lake has a new job in the medical marijuana industry with Quebec company Hydropothecary. In an...

Canadian Police Sound the Alarm Over Legalization Deadline

Canada's police services told the Canadian government Tuesday that there is no chance they will be ready to enforce new laws for nationwide legalized marijuana by next summer. The post Canadian Police Sound the Alarm...
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The Spark: Portugal. The Man’s Kyle O’Quin on Creativity and Pairing Beethoven With Blue...

Portugal. The Man's Kyle O'Quin tells Leafly about how the band uses cannabis, that one time they got too high onstage, and how delicious his edibles are. The post The Spark: Portugal. The Man’s Kyle...

Jodie Emery Speaks to the Feds

CANNABIS CULTURE- Exiled "Princess of pot" Jodie Emery will speak before the Federal Health Committee on legalization of cannabis. She's facing a possible life-sentence for her role as vocal activist for cannabis liberation and...

Maine Insurer Says It Shouldn’t Have to Pay for Medical Marijuana

The Maine supreme court is wading into the issue of medical marijuana and workers' compensation. The post Maine Insurer Says It Shouldn’t Have to Pay for Medical Marijuana appeared first on Leafly.
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New Strains Alert: Mendo Afgoo, Magnificent Mile, White Tygh Dream, and More

This week we have two landrace cannabis strains from Afghanistan and Iran, three twice-deep genetic crosses, and much more. The post New Strains Alert: Mendo Afgoo, Magnificent Mile, White Tygh Dream, and More appeared first...

How Cannabis Can Cure the Opioid Crisis

CANNABIS CULTURE- America is experiencing the worst drug crisis in American history. Overdoses from heroin and other opioids are killing more than 28 thousand people a year, and the death toll is on the...

This Hospice Is Hoping To Prove That Cannabis Can Make Dying Less Painful

The nation's first federally approved study to see if medical marijuana can ease pain for those with terminal illnesses is under way. Advocates hope it will make patients less reliant on opioids. Ernestine Coon...

Ontario Plan to Sell Legal Weed No Match for B.C.’s Existing Industry

Ontario’s plan to sell marijuana from government-operated stores would never fly in B.C., a local pot advocate said. Vancouver’s Dana Larsen suggested a provincial government store could never compete with established and independent dispensaries...

Officials In Legal-Weed States Push Back Against Jeff Sessions’ Marijuana Criticisms

Alaska and Washington present more evidence that marijuana legalization is working, but the attorney general appears willing to ignore the facts. Government officials from Alaska and Washington have pushed back against Attorney General Jeff...
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