Buyer’s Review Guide to Regular Seeds

Read our buyer’s guide to the best regular cannabis seeds for sale online. There are many factors in choosing the best regular seeds, and care should be taken to ensure that growers get the right seeds for their outdoor and indoor gardens.
What are regular seeds?


regular seeds
Regular cannabis seeds are the cannabis species standard method of reproduction. Cannabis is a complex species, coming in both male and female plant forms. Maturing male cannabis plants will produce pollen sacs containing fertile pollen. As the female plants mature, their flowering buds will produce receptive stamina easily fertilized by the pollen from the male cannabis plant.

Once a mother cannabis plant has been fertilizer, she will develop seeds. The seeds may take a month or longer to fully develop inside of the plant. These seeds will be either male or female plants themselves when sprouted and grown. This mix of male and female genetics is natural for the species, and this is why we call them by the term regular seeds.
Regular Seeds vs. Feminized Seeds

There is a big debate over which one’s better

Regular seeds or feminized seeds. Now if this was 10 years ago regular seeds would have won by a long-shot, but recently there has been a vast improvement in feminized seed strain stock.
Regular seed benefits and advantages include but are not limited to genetic stability, overall vigor and health, and reliable breeding stock. Cannabis cultivators take great pride in their special heirloom regular seed strains.

Feminized seeds show their usefulness for growers who want to get exactly what they are looking for. Feminized seeds are by far the bestselling cannabis seeds online, and are easily available in over 2,500 strain varieties. Not for seed breeders, feminized seeds are best for one-shot grows and cloning.

The takeaway is in what the buyer intends to do with the cannabis seeds. For small-time growers looking to stay within their legal medical marijuana permit limits, feminized seeds may be a convenient choice. But larger scale growers and any serious breeders need to the best regular seed strains at their disposal.

3 Great Regular Seed Strains

1. Durban Poison – Durban Poison is a pure sativa developed from South African land race genetics. This popular strain has been tamed down by breeders for decades, most notably by Dutch Passion. They offer Durban Poison regular seeds.
2. Blueberry – Blueberry is classic sweet marijuana known for the remarkable blueberry flavor and aroma it’s plants produce. DJ Short, Dutch Passion, and Seeds man all offer regular blueberry seeds for sale at affordable prices. This strain is high in THC and breeds well.
3. Haze – Haze is a legendary heavy sativa inbred line strain. Originally a 4-way hybrid, Haze has been the sativa genetics used in such famous cannabis strains like Blue Dream and others. Haze has a longer flowering time, higher THC content than most commercial strains.

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