cannabis vacations
cannabis vacations

As public demand for medical and recreational use of marijuana continues to explode across the United States, a new style of vacationing is also gaining momentum –– cannabis vacations! For those who appreciate the magic of marijuana, exploring cannabis culture in some of the country’s most exciting cities is a great way to spend a few vacation days.

So, without further delay, we present the following 5 cannabis-friendly vacation spots in the USA.

  1. Denver, Colorado

cannabis vacations
cannabis vacations

Colorado has been a prime Ganja Getaway state since 2012 when marijuana was made legal for recreational use in adults. So, what can you do in the Mile High City? Consider:

  • Monkeying around with more than 4000 animals at the Denver Zoo
  • Checking out more than 70,000 works at the Denver Art Museum
  • Viewing the Rocky Mountains while hiking at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater
  • Enjoying the entertainment and nightlife at Latimer Square

Need more to do? Then take in a game from one of Denver’s professional sports teams. Depending on the season, you can choose between football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer!


  1. Portland, Oregon

cannabis vacations
cannabis vacations

Plan your next Stoner Sabbatical in Portland, Oregon; one of the quirkiest, most friendly cities in the world! During your stay in the “Rose City”, Portlanders will be thrilled to help you explore their culturally-distinctive ideas about art, music, theater, wine, beer, food, and sex.

This is definitely a forward-thinking city that prides itself on being so. Consider :

  • Stopping to smell the flowers at International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park
  • Escaping the city bustle at the Portland Japanese Garden
  • Enjoying an edible before hitting up the city’s famous food carts
  • Spending the day hiking at the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Don’t leave Portland, Oregon without stopping to tip the dancers at either of two Vegan Strip Clubs! You’ve just gotta love this town!


  1. Seattle, Washington

    cannabis vacations
    cannabis vacations

If you decide to take a Weed Weekend in Seattle, Washington, you can expect some wild times with some of the USA’s most free-thinking and fun-loving hippies! Consider:

  • Attending Hempfest
  • Going to the top of the Space Needle
  • Shopping for fresh Pacific seafood at the Pike Place Market
  • Taking the 17 bus to Seattle’s Chinatown
  • Getting trippy like Jimi Hendrix while visiting the Museum of Pop Culture
  • Visiting Bruce and Brandon Lee’s final resting spots at Lake View Cemetery

You’ll also find a Starbucks or other coffee shop about every 50 feet while exploring the streets of Seattle. This forward-thinking city is friendly, diverse, and filled with wondrous possibilities for Cannabis-minded vacationers!


  1. Anchorage, Alaska

    cannabis vacations
    cannabis vacations

For a truly unique Bud Break, plan a vacation to Anchorage, Alaska: the City of Lights and Flowers! Alaska is not like other states; not at all. Its vast, pristine landscapes offer unlimited opportunities for hiking, skiing, hunting, fishing, boating, camping, and simply kinkin’ back in some of the planet’s last remaining unspoiled nature and getting the most out of the benefits of marijuana. Try:

  • Renting a small boat and exploring the Portage Glacier at Chugach National Park
  • Schedule a seaplane tour of Denali National Park
  • Take in some world-class skiing at the Mount Alyeska Resort

Be sure to pack some warm clothes to this breezy, often-chilly destination. You’ll definitely find some of the friendliest people there to party with!


  1. Los Angeles, California

cannabis vacations
cannabis vacations

California is one of the latest entries into the national Cannabis Club; despite having a progressive attitude towards cannabis for decades only recently legalized it for recreational use. Cities like Los Angeles were ready to welcome THC Travelers, with numerous high-quality dispensaries and professional weed delivery services ready to spring into action. While in LA, consider:

  • Exploring the cosmos at the Griffith Observatory
  • Catch a glimpse of the lives of the rich and famous from a Hollywood sightseeing tour
  • Take your pick from dozens of food stalls in the Grand Central Market
  • Enjoy the Pacific ocean breeze –– and a corn dog –– from the end of the Santa Monica pier

When you schedule your next Reefer Recess, be sure and check the medical and recreational marijuana laws there first. It doesn’t take a genius to know that everything goes better with the magical green blessings of both money and marijuana. Enjoy your Cannabis Vacation–– and be safe!

Author Bio: Constante Quirino is a freelance writer and content strategist. As a passionate yogi for several years, he is an advocate for healthy, balanced lifestyles.


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