You might be aware of the fact that vaporizers are multipurpose; they can be used to vape herbs and essential oils. Although most people are using them for herbs there are several benefits of using flavor-rich oils as well. Note that even if you use essential oils, the working principle of these vaporizers uses to be the same. They simply heat the oil and generate a plum of mist same as vapor.

Here are few tips to use essential oil for vaping:

  • Start with small quantity:

When you are going to use essential oils for the very first time it is good to start with the minimum amount. Note that essential oils have variable concentration; you may find few varieties more powerful than others. For one type of liquid, you may need to add dozens of drops to get your favorable draw whereas others can provide same experience with just two or three drops. So it is good to add limited drops first; check the potency and then add more as per requirement.

  • Control the heat:

The biggest secret to effective vaping experience is monitoring its temperature levels. The very high setting can burn your oils whereas the lower range may cause spoil the taste. You need to control the temperature of your vaporizer in such a manner that it can produce the desired range of vapors. Many expert users love to play with variable temperature settings with different oil flavors.

  • Enjoy shallow draws:

You might be aware of the fact that essential oils are highly concentrated so it is important to take slow and shallow draws to get the best experience. As a beginner, it is not good to take a heavy draw that your lungs cannot tolerate. It can cause irritation in your respiratory system and can also convert vapes into smoke due to combustion. In order to enjoy a clean experience, prefer to use shallow and slow draws.

  • Pick good quality oil:

This is the essential tip for all vaporizer users. Note that all essential oils do not fall in the same quality category. Some of them are produced by small companies and they are cheap as well. While few vendors sell high-quality essential oils to ensure the best experience for buyers; they can be little expensive as well. In order to enjoy the best vaping experience, it is good to look for the best product online.


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